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Linking to a collection page template from a static page

I have created a collections page template of team members. Now I am trying to link to that page on the nav menu from the home page but there is now link option for a collections page.


I am guessing I need to create a static page based upon the collections page or something?? Not finding any topics on doing this.


Hi @Scott_Johnson thank you so much for reaching out! Being able to link to dynamic pages from any static link would be a really awesome feature. And is something you could definitely post about on our Feedback/Wishlist category.

If you build out a static page on your site, then drop in a dynamic list of your team members, then you can setup a link that goes to that static page of your team members. It sounds like you made collection template page for each team member but it’s difficult to tell without a Read-Only link to your site.

Could you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link & screenshots really helps us to help you faster :slight_smile:

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response Waldo

I guess I am not understanding how collection page templates work. I have built a page out but dont see how to open it or use it. How would I open this collections page template in my site?

I would like it to open from the nav menu Our Office>Our Team


You need to create a static page then drag in a dynamic list block and connect that to you collection. Based on the layout you were hoping for, you will need to drag multiple dynamic lists onto the same static page in order to get team members to show up in sections.

You likely don’t need to create a team member page template. Template pages are used to show the detail for collection item (individual team member) and dynamically create a page for each collection item. You have 11 team members in your collection so 11 pages will be created for them based off of this template.

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Thanks KPro

I will do that. My question then would be what use is there for a collections template page if you cant use it in your site as a page?

They are useful if you want use say a categories collection template and sort the data by current category. I personally, build my pages first with dynamic data and then you can copy/paste the layout to dynamic pages.

A collection page template is created for each collection whether you use it or not. A page will be dynamically created for each collection item based off the the layout of the collection page template. You need to design the template page and define what collection content will be displayed.

A simple example would be a blog. You create a collection called “blog” and each collection item (blog entry) has multiple fields association with it (Title, Description, Date, Photo, Etc.). On the blog page template you design what you want each individual blog post to look like and define where the field values go. Once that is done, a page will be automatically be created for each new blog post (collection item) that you enter.

But now you need an index page for those blog posts so people can browse them. This is where you create a static page then drag a dynamic list blog onto the page and choose what collection and what fields you want to display.

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