Page Loading Issue

Can I reduce this javascript loading time? This script is too time-consuming and takes time to load the website, This script I add after the end body tag but however takes time to page load.

You have lots of optional JS running. Remove the bloat and test to measure the impact. You can also programmatically load scripts yourself using custom code where you would have more flexibility.

But webflow.js takes a long time to load, any solution to reduce webflow.js load time?

Reduce its size and it will load faster. Adding lots of animations has a way of increasing the size quickly.

Do you really need GTM, HotJar, another version of jQuery when it is already loaded, bloated hubspot forms, and Youtube instead of HTML5 native video? Choices have consequences. Just remember visitors won’t sit around waiting for pages to load.

I already removed animation on this page and also setTimeout in Hotjar Script, but webflow.js take too much time.

Do you have e-commerce enabled? If you do that explains the size. An no there is nothing you can do about that other then building in something else.

Otherwise you are not sharing any links to test so I am blind. Need pro services? Feel free to DM me.


This is my project link, this link takes too much time on mobile view. I need to improve my mobile page speed score and I also disabled e-commerce. If any solution please suggest me.

Webflow E-Commerce code stays loaded regardless once enabled on a project. Since you can’t change Webflow code all you can do is reduce or remove others.