SEO speed load time problem with Webflow

Google page speed tool shows a very low page speed at 51% for my Webflow site.

I wonder if there’s a solution to fix these problems:

  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
  • Reduce JavaScript execution time

Webflow has a lot of baggage and it won’t let you pick and choose what it can bring along. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can really do about that. What you CAN do, though, is defer via script or delay via GoogleTagManager literally everything else. Google wants your text to load first (in the way it’s planned to be seen), then whatever image is above the fold (you can set your page up so that it is none), and then everything else after that. If you set up a Trigger in GTM for “3000ms has elapsed” and then make all of your external scrips (including GA, etc.) fire after that timer, your PageSpeed will skyrocket. You’ll still have the Webflow baggage, but that’s how you get the best score possible on Webflow. I’ve gotten a few sites to be 99 with this one weird trick (;

Thank you, I’ve already turn most of the things async, but how do you turn their global asset thing async?

interesting how do you set that trigger in GTM so it is 3000ms?

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You can’t set desync for Webflow’s assets, only the others that you bring in.

You need to use Google Tag Manager and set a Timer Trigger for 3000ms and then use that Trigger to load in all your other scripts after the page is done loading.

Do you guys also feel like the global asset loading times got much more?
The speed scores of old sites keep dropping…