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Java Script Page Speed Webflow SSL Problem

Hey Guys,
The Google page speed tool shows a very low page speed at 34% for my Webflow site.

Please look at the attachment.

How can I remove the unused JavaScript?

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

Here is my site Read-Only: Click here

The script you are refencing is the core Webflow JavaScript. It also includes your IX2 interactions code. You can’t further optimize that file.

Thanks you for your message. How could I delete the file? I don’t know what I need this file for.

You need that file, as webdev pointed out. You can’t optimize/delete that file.

I can’t imagine that. What is loaded in such a file. Do you have any idea how else I can improve my load times?

Im only referring to webdev. If this is the case then there’s nothing that can be done directly to that file.

Some examples on how to improve the load times are:

  • Optimize all images (reduce file size)
  • Delete unused classes and interactions
  • Clean up the site structure. A unnecessary amount of divs for example does affect the load times.

Hi there,

We are having the same issues here and we are wondering if there is any better solution for this.

Also, could someone help us how and where to delete this link " “”, (which I underlined in the image) from the site ?

Many Thanks

Performance tuning on Webflow hosted sites is about making intelligent choices about what you can control. Those things outside of of your control could only be addressed by self hosting and manipulation of assets.

When loading Google fonts, Webflow defaults to this Google script.

I provide consulting / performance tuning of websites. If you are interested and have a budget, feel free to reach out.