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Max amount reached - You have created all items allowed by your Business Hosting Plan - Seems more like an error than really hit limit

It is not possible to provide a shared link due to the contract.

The message was unclear about what items are.
We have 9333 CMS items, maximum limit of 10k
Pages? We have 68 pages, maximum limit of 100.
We don’t even have a content editor.

What could be the cause of this error? I thought about the CMS item limits, but even on bottom of 10k I can’t add more items due to a promotion that is about to happen soon.

Talked to some friends that already has got an error like it and they say it can be bug.

Please, can someone appoint how we can solve this error on webflow asap? Maybe an official support or some detail that I can have been omiting?

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If you haven’t already, I’d reach out to Webflow Support. Not only is it more likely that they’d be able to give you more definitive answers on why your receiving the message, but folks here on the forum can’t really assist without a share link to look closer into the project.

Hope you find an answer soon :crossed_fingers:

I hit the same snag before. email and ask them about solutions to resolve the problem.