Page deleted and pdf on Google search

Hi guys
I published a website last week, but on Google Search, I still see a page “ATTIVITA”
that I have deleted form my website and PDF that I don’ t want to see on Google search.

Because before I was able to see some single pages of the website on Google search,
for all the page of my website, excpet the home page,
I set up on SITE SEARCH SETTING to exclude the all pages.
Is it ok?

Does the sitemap automatically update?
do I have to resend it?



Google will pick it up automatically depending on how quickly it crawls your site, so many variables with that, so it’s worth submitting a sitemap each time you make a change in my opinion.

Using webmaster tools is quite straightforward if you don’t use it already, or you can submit your URL directly to google with the search console, here:

Submit URL to Google here

(just submit your homepage, it will do the rest) In my experience I’ve seen the changes happen a day or two later.

Thanks Marko…
I was thinking that the sitemap update automatically after submit…

I will follow your tips!

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