Google indexing problem + Webflow domain doesn't disappear


I am having two separate problems with my new website:

1 - Google indexing problem
I’ve published my site a few days ago but it is not indexed by Google yet.

I checked the propriety of my site on Google Search Console, I added the sitemap and I added the HTML tag. Everything looks fine with Google!

These are my webflow settings:

What could be the problem?

2 - Webflow domain doesn’t disappear

If you search on google “foodech”, it doesn’t show you but as first result you get instead and my domain site shows up at page 6 (when I try to google it)

However, the webflow link should be hidden as showed in the screenshot below.

Why is it still showing up in google search?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @AlessandroD! Sometimes it takes time to Google update your website information.

If you want to make things faster, you can access and add the sitemap.xml of you website:

Your sitemap is:


Eve Kayser

Hi @evekayser, thanks for your reply!

I already registered my site map more than a week ago!
Schermata 2020-05-06 alle 08.38.26

I try to wait for my domain again.
but I don’t understand why the webflow link doesn’t disappear.

Do you have any idea about this?

Thanks a lot!