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Webflow pages excluded from Google

Hi everyone,

I’m having problems with Google not indexing new pages on my website. It all started like 2 months ago. Up until then, it had no problem with it. I have no idea what happened, looks like one random day Google just started avoiding my website. Google Console is telling me that the pages are “excluded” and that this is most likely “on purpose” - it’s not! I have tried all sorts of things, even submitted a manual indexing request in the Google Console, but nothing happened. And even if it does in the future - I don’t think I’m supposed to manually submit every new page for Google to index it, right?

Robots.txt should be OK. SEO metatitles & tags are filled. Sitemap generated and submitted (again, manually). No custom code (apart from the Google Tag) used, all done in the Webflow editor. I’m at my wits end.

Do you have any suggestions?

The website:

Thank you.

What should you show up for in search? I just looked at it and would say it suffers from poor IA and SEO. Thirteen pages are showing in the Google index but the pages are weak and have no real focus. Looks like no effort or consideration was given to SEO. Time to roll up your sleeves or hire some SEO talent.

What does it say in this section down below when you request indexing?

Sure, we’re working on that at the moment, I was just worried if Google doesn’t index our newly created pages for some technical reason, all the SEO work might be for nothing.

It says exactly what you have on the screenshot, N/A all over the place.

Could you request indexing on that page again and share the results if that makes a difference, please?
And also could you share a link to an example of a new page you would like to get indexed, please?

I’ll try that.


Neither of them indexed by Google.

First error I see is that you haven’t closed the bracket for your custom CSS. Here’s the closed version down below. Please re-try google search console manual indexing after that to see if it changes anything.

        @media print {
            @page {
                size: A4;

            @page :left {
                margin-left: 3cm;

            @page :right {
                margin-left: 4cm;

            img {
                max-width: 400px;

            .subpage-header .about-3 .wf-section {
                display: none;

            .paragraph-11 .bottom {
                color: black;
                font-size: 13px;

            .footer {
                background-color: #fff;
                font-size: 13px;