Deleted page is still on published site and SERP

@waldo is there a way to purge lingering pages?

UPDATE: I should’ve mentioned that I have checked the sitemap, google search console, and recrawled the site twice since i first noticed this cc @mikhailarden

Page is not in the sitemap:

Search console processed new sitemap (twice):

Search console crawled new site (once at the time of deletion and once two days ago):

Not Waldo,

But if you have already deleted the page from Webflow you should check on the Google Webmaster side of things. If you have already created your website sitemap, submit the link to Google Webmaster to have it crawl the site and it’ll change over time.

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I updated my post with the additional information. Also, i’ve experienced lingering pages after deletion in the past so I figured there may be some issues on Webflow’s side.

Saw your update.
Alright it could be Webflow - but from what I’m seeing Google does this automatically. Seeing as you’ve already update your sitemap and had Google reindex the site I’d say it would be a waiting game.

If there is another way to fix this from webflow’s side can someone please share?

true that. which is why i waited from january 12 to february 7th. plus google showed that the site was updated more recently in the crawl report.

from what i remember, there may be a way to manually delete lingering pages but i cant recall 100% cc @waldo

@thewonglv I’m looking into this right now and will let you know as soon as I have more information.

A work around I have used before is performing a quick un-publish and republish of the site as well as setting up a 301 re-direct for the traffic to direct to a different page.

As far as your SERP I’m looking to see what can be done about that.

Also @thewonglv have you already entered that address into Google’s URL Removal tool?

@waldo re google’s “temporarily hide urls” feature:

To remove content permanently, you must remove or update the source page.

Thanks for reminding me about “unpublish/republish”. the page is now offline.

Do we know why these pages sometimes get stuck? cc @callmevlad

@thewonglv thanks so much for letting me know. We have a bug filed for this issue of the pages not un-publishing after being deleted from a site and publishing. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update.

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