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Override Text Link in Symbol

Hi there!

For my bilingual website I created a Language Picker, basically just a styled div with ‘EN’ and ‘DE’ text to link to the respective pages. I want this to be a symbol, so that I can easily re-use it on different pages. However, obviously, the links will be different on each page instance where I am using it. I did see the symbol overhang tutorial in Webflow University but somehow I am still stuck…

I know how to create the override field (and I know that then I have to give it a name) but where exactly do I then change the text link, so that it only changes on the page/instance I am? The only option where I could change the page link, would make that change to all instances and that’s not what I am looking for.

Is there anywhere a video out there where I can see how you can override a link text and then actually change the links for each instance?

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Edit: Maybe this is what you want actually:

I have also been looking for something like this but I haven’t found a solution. Best option is just use copy paste. You could keep a draft page with all the elements you are want to have copyable in an easy to find order.

There had been some wishlist suggesstions and rumours about them adding a solution but havent seen anything yet.

I think it should be just a second panel under symbols for “assets” or a custom components section in the Add menu.