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Easiest/best method of replicating content on multiple pages that are NOT symbols?


Still quite new to the Webflow platform so obvious things still stump me easily. :grin:

I believe I understand the use of ‘Symbols’ so far, as you can see in read-only link with the Navbar and footer form.

My understanding is Symbols can show in multiple places in your website, but not be ‘edited’ as it will affect in all places that Symbol is located.

However, the section of content in the black - ‘Content hero’ I’d like to be using across the website maintaining the design, with updates to the text relevant to that page. Obviously editing a Symbol doesn’t do this.
I have also tried the old school method of ‘copy-paste’ section to a new page, but generally looks a bit odd.

Am I on the correct path in making one of these ‘content hero’ sections a Symbol, add a symbol to a new page, and then ‘unlink instance’ them individually when right-clicking on the new page?

Is this the best method in general for ‘copying’ sections across multiple areas of your site that can be edited?

If there is a better or smoother process to this, please let me know


Here is my site Read-Only:
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I believe editing the symbol does enable things like what you describe.
Did you checkout this override feature : ?