How to edit text in dropdown

Hi guys,

I have a question. Working on a template. How can I edit the text (links) in the dropdown?
Every time I try to click the text the menu disappears.

I have tried to do it via the navigator but still not able to.
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Hey, @Goderd since your dropdown is inside a symbol you will need to create a text override and that enables you to edit text on the settings panel.

This article might help you :peace_symbol:

Hi @Sachin Thanks for your reply. I am trying to get my head around this, kind of new to Webflow.
Isn’t it so that when I do this text override in the navbar it would no longer be the same on each page?

Also when I open the menu (dropdown settings) and try to edit the text the menu also disappears. What to do?

Having same problem of @Goderd, just read on another thread this was a issue already 4 years ago…I’m working on Chrome browser as suggested.

I’ve solved by ulinking the navbar from the symbol I’ve created, but it still sucks because I can’t re-link such symbol…

EDIT: I copy pasted the symbol in another page, unlinked the symbol, changed the link text, copy pasted back in interested symbol…still not ideal but hope someone finds this workaround useful