How to do symbol duplicate in my webflow project

Please guide me how duplicate my made symbol

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Sattar
Your read-only link isn’t working.
Here is a Webflow University lesson on symbols. It also features a YouTube video.

Hi @Smith-Cordell ,

I need to duplicate my nav symbol. So please guide how to duplicate symbols.


Hi @Sattar

It looks like you have many instances of many symbols in your project. Are you saying you want to create another symbol based on one you have previously made? If so you have two options to make alternative versions:

  1. Use symbol overrides on the fields you want to change
  2. Place an instance of your symbol on the canvas, then right-click on it and select unlink instance. You can now make changes to it and then create a new symbol.

It would be helpful if you will share me in video sample.