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I am pretty new to Webflow and hope I provide accurate information concerning my question.

I have an embed in a dynamic list in a dropdown menu. The text of the embed shows up as underlined blue. The class of the element is Shop Dropdown Link. This should come up with black bold text. If you want to see it in the published version: a round button in the right corner under page Cursussen and then Training 2 is a drop down. In the read-only version, it is the page “proef” in the directory “cursus”.

Question is: how to change the underlined blue into bold black. I have attached some screenshots below as well as the published version.



http://flux-trainingen.webflow.io/cursussen-folder/training-2 is the published version.

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/flux-trainingen?preview=d9d668d9795d7f0fe07c5f2730ed47b5

(how to access public share link)

Hey @Wim

Looks like the embed includes an HTML link. That is why the text is inheriting the underlined blue text style of all links in your website. Just simply edit the All links global selector and your text will be fixed.

Hope this is helpful.

Best of luck,
Anna K

Thanks Anna, when I select the embed, then open the style, I don’t see “all links”. I do see “body” in pink. But this is very new to me, perhaps misunderstanding. Where can I find the “All links” global selector?

Hey @Wim

Since the Webflow Designer cannot identify the embed element content, you will not see the All Links selector in the selector for the embed element.

Therefore, you simply:

  • add a text link somewhere on your page.
  • choose the All links global selector and style it. Don’t forget to style the hover state.
  • delete the text link from the page.
    and you’re done.

Hope this is helpful

Best of luck,
Anna K

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Awesome. Works! Thanks a lot.

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Hi @Anna_Kelian,

I thought it was ready, but I can’t find the hover state of ‘all links’. You have an idea?



Here it is:

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Thanks @Anna_Kelian ,

That is what I thought I should find it, but I get this and can not select hover state:


You can do it in 2 ways.

  1. If you have a class already added to a link (like you do):

  2. When no class is added to a link:

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Great @Anna_Kelian, got it. Thanks a lot for your support.

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Anytime @Wim

Best of luck always

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