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Changing the hover color

I need to change the color that happens when I hover over the nav bar and a few links

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @ailieinc

Could you be more specific with your question? Show examples, screenshots could help us to understand what exactly you want.

Also, posting a read-only link to your project would make the helping process much faster.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

read only:

Ok… and what colors of what elements you want to change? Is it font color or background color?

You can see in the nav bar when you hover over the links such as “about” is white but when you hover it turns orange. I need to change it to light pink. Also when you hover over the “schedule” button it turns orange. I need it to be light pink.

First you will have to click twice on the navbar for open it for editing since there is a Symbol (green highlighted).

After that, you will want to click on Navlink to get access to its style. On the right panel next to the class name, you will see option “States”. When you click there you will get a dropdown menu with different states of the element. Choose Hover state.

Next step - go to font olor and change it as you wish.

Same way you can change color of the button, go to Hover state and shange background color and border color. (Here is no symbol used so no need double click)


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thanks much!!! It worked

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