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How to remove the underline in text link or mail link

Hi everyone!!

How to remove the underline in textlinkmail?

Thanks so much (sorry for my bad english) and kind regards from Spain.

Give it a class name and then use this in the typography panel


Amazing, Thanks a lot.

Good Job!

Is there a way to change the color from blue?

Yes just set another text color.

Did that. The color picker shows the color I want, but it’s still blue. I must be missing something obvious.

It’s because you haven’t styled the link itself, rather a parent of it or a child element. Mind sharing your pub lic link ?

The link is in the call-out box on the right. You’ll see it’s still blue.

Make sure you realy select the inner link element, then it will get your custom color

I had an issue once where it refused to change, but it fixed after exiting to my dashboard and going back into the designer. Just in case…

Thank you Vincent and Sstraub. Both of your suggestions helped.

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