Overlapping Issues

Hey Guys,
I am new to Webflow and i understand all basic things.
My problem is, that when i want to create a new section the section wont be underneath the next section its just overlapping with the other one. Same things if i want to place Div underneath, they dont align underneath each other, instead they are overlapping. Do i have to use padding? In some tutorials they just align underneath each other without doing something.

I´m so confused i hope you can help!

Just going on the screenshot that you have provided - I can say that the reason that ‘header-inner’ is collapsed is because you have defined top and bottom padding as 0.

To fix, you can click on the two zero values and then click the reset button.

it doesnt help :confused: i will post a link


The main issue you have is that your site has no physical content, like images or text. What I would recommend doing is adding some images and text into the div boxes that you’ve added in. This will enable you to physically see the div’s, and therefore arrange them as you like.

If you’re new to Webflow, they have some great tutorials like this one about paddings and margin to get you started with positioning.

Thanks a lot! I was just a bit confused because on every tutorial they lineup underneath with no content in it. But it will work like this too! Thanks for you help buddy :slight_smile:

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