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Overlapping Help / And Spacing Trouble?


I created a website and realized I was using a 900pxl container so I been going through the pages to change it for a 1100plz container/div, then on one of my pages when going to mobile view I realized it was all overlapping, I been trying to fix it but can’t seem to work it out, I haven’t pressed the publish button as don’t want my customers to see it as the site is already running. Also, I have noticed on some pages between the sections, there is space what is the body and can’t seem to bring section up to get rid of it. Could anyone help please, I will upload some screenshots and share you into my website as well.


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The section above it has a manual height set but it is overflowing with content. Set all your sections to have auto height on all mobile viewports.

Theres also tons of issues with the way your site is built that you may want to address at some point by diving into the courses on It will really help you build a much better site. Good luck!

Could you go over some of the issue’s please

Thanks for the advice

as a brief message just so I know what to look into

It’s not really something that’s brief. Take this as just a representation of me as a designer and webflow developer who is pretty particular about site being built correctly and not necessarily something that is completely “wrong” in the way it looks. Just not the right way of building a site based on web standards.

In your header and around your site, you use multiple containers in a section, usually you use one container and put all your elements inside that container. You also sometimes just use random divs instead of containers. See the box model:

Additionally, you use grid on the images in the homepage which is totally unnecessary. It could be done with columns instead and would be way easier to get responsive. This is just my personal recommendation.

The rest of the structure of the pages is kind of honestly a bit too complex to get into the details but there are lots of issues in your site structure that would likely be fixed by learning from a lot of the videos on the university page. I can’t stress how important it is for you to go and spend a good chunk of time learning these things.

Good Luck

thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it, I had a feeling I used to many containers, it was my first ever site I built. I’m having a few problems with the grid so u saying that makes me understand now. When I tried using colums when I put it on mobile view, I only could have it vertical instead of the way gird lays it out, thanks again.