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Issues with positioning card section

Hey guys!
I am pretty new at webflow, and keep ending up in the same mess every time i try to build a site.
When creating different sections, i keep messing up for some reason. The card section is placed exactly where i want it in the designer, but when i open the preview or publish it, it seems to be placed over the picture? What am i doing wrong?

Look at the picture.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Kind regards
Lund Media

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Add live URL (Or read-only link). No way to answer like this.


  • You use negative margin top?
  • You use position relative/absolute and move elements top/bottom?

Keep in mind in the designer the width is smaller (R/L menus) VS the browser.

Hello and thanks for responding.

Live link:

In the designer the cardsection is where i want it to be, but when i go to the “viewer” it is overlapping the photo backround. So i had to put a “div box” with 180px, then it lands where i want it to be. Im fairly new at this so i not sure i know what you mean with “negative margin top”, but i will try to figure out.

But it would seem i am doing something wrong if the result is different from edit mode?

Kind regards
Lund Media