Overflow Property Changes Affecting Multiple Elements Globally in Webflow

Description: I’ve encountered a peculiar behavior in Webflow where adjusting the overflow property on any single element seems to inadvertently influence the overflow setting on all elements across my site. This is happening irrespective of the class or hierarchy of the elements involved. Even when I target a specific element the overflow adjustment seems to cascade beyond the intended scope.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

  • The issue is not related to CSS inheritance or specificity as I’ve checked for any common parent styles and confirmed that no global classes or shared classes are in use.
  • The problem persists across all pages, indicating a possible systemic issue rather than a one-off style conflict.
  • The custom CSS in use, which is implemented on every page, does not contain global overflow declarations that would account for this widespread effect.
  • The anomaly is not limited to a particular type of element or class; it’s widespread and uniformly affects all design elements where overflow is applicable.
  • This behavior is counterintuitive and goes against the expected isolation of styles in Webflow, where changing the style of one element should not impact others unless explicitly linked by class or inheritance.

I’ve attached a screen recording to demonstrate the issue in action. The clip will showcase the steps taken to change the overflow property on individual elements and the resulting global effect that ensues. The goal is to solicit insights from the Webflow community on whether this is a known bug, a feature of the Webflow platform that I may be misunderstanding or an issue with my specific project setup.

Your insights and suggestions will be invaluable in helping me resolve this unusual behavior and return to a predictable styling environment. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Here is a screen recording of the issue: LINK

It has to be a bug! Out of nowhere I started noticing random elements with different classes having overflow hidden after I placed it on one element. Hard-coding the css doesn’t help either.

Overflow property unexpectedly applied to some elements

Some customers may have experienced an issue where overflow properties may have been unexpectedly applied to some elements if the property was set on a given page between January 31st 18:20 UTC to February 1st 22:03 UTC.

This issue has since been resolved and had no impact on the published version of sites. The property can be reset or reapplied to any impacted elements to resolve any visual inconsistencies in the Designer vs. what is rendered on the live site.