Overflow changing on every element

Hello Webflow Community, I hope you all doing well.
I have some issue with overflow, when I change overflow on one element it changes for every element, can you help me please.


@Nedim_Mazalovic Same! This must be a bug.

Did you find any solution ?

Also been having this issue since about 4pm PST yesterday (31st Jan 24)

@Nedim_Mazalovic @Evian_Davies is the overflow still an issue for you? The only solution I could find was to join the beta group for the new style panel. After my account got updated with this - everything worked.

Link on top of this page.
If not use this to join: New Beta: Improved Style Panel including custom CSS properties and values

Hope it works for you too!!

Today, everything is working fine, thank you man

Overflow property unexpectedly applied to some elements

Some customers may have experienced an issue where overflow properties may have been unexpectedly applied to some elements if the property was set on a given page between January 31st 18:20 UTC to February 1st 22:03 UTC.

This issue has since been resolved and had no impact on the published version of sites. The property can be reset or reapplied to any impacted elements to resolve any visual inconsistencies in the Designer vs. what is rendered on the live site.