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I have overflow on my site for an unknown reason.
I was told to “look at each of your styles and locate those elements which go beyond the body, and change the styling to not use fixed widths and to make sure that all elements stay 100% within the body width.”

I’m like 99% sure all of the widths are not fixed, and I’m also 99% sure that the issue is somewhere within the “content section” block, as the issue is only present on pages with that element.

The below screenshots are of the “animation” page.
Here’s where I want my size to end, horizontally:

But here’s where it overflows on the right:

Here’s my test link.
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Here is my public share link: LINK
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@bowsertattoo your project link is not working.

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@AlexManyeki I fixed the project link! If you click on it now it should work.

Did you fix it? I can’t see an issue with it.

@jbleroux Try scrolling to the right. There’s overflow still.

I get an up and down scroll. One of the easist fixes for overflow though it to take the section and make it overflow none

this needs to be done if say an interaction moves a div

also not sure if you want the writing to be centered in you link blocks but easist way to do that is using flex box. on your link block

temporarily delete the added class ie clouds and apply the flex to link block it will affect all of the link blocks instead of manually doing them one by one then you can reapply the added class

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