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Overflow disconnects

Hey. I noticed that overflow disconnects itself.

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Can you elaborate a bit more? Internet wise? Or is the designer not working?

I confirm this behaviour. Never noticed this before.

@Brando This looks like a bug to me, can you please have a look?

I am having this problem with all of my projects too. The overflow auto resets whenever i change it and it is very annoying… Hope to get a fix soon

Having the same problem. I thought it was an issue on my part until now.

I can provide any detailed info if needed for fixing.

@PixelGeek Just thought I would tag you here to let you know whats going on.

Oh and I was first thinking this is purely visual since sometimes by changing layers with keyboard shortcuts the overflow would suddenly spring back onto the layer it disappeared from, but now I see that it may be gone for good as well. Definitely a bug that needs an urgent fix.

@mistercreate Hey, Micah! Thought I would make you aware of this situation so it can be addressed being tat multiple people are experiencing this.

Hi @Andrey.M, @Samuel_Chan , @dram, @celeste, and @Noah-R,

Thank you so much for letting us know about this, as it definitely sounds like odd behavior.

I was able to reproduce the issue of the Overflow setting being changed when the Display, or Position, setting is changed.

We’ve gone ahead and notified our engineers to take a look.

Though I do not yet have a timeline on an available fix, I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks again, and thanks for your patience.


thank you for noticing

Hi @Andrey.M @Noah-R @dram @celeste.

Thanks again for reporting the issue. We have a fix prepped and it’s currently going through some QA testing. I’ll be sure to post an update here when the fix is live.


thanks so much, my sanity is slowly melting away over here :smiley:

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God dammit

just so everyone knows, it resets overflow not only in case of any parameter change on the object but just by selecting it. Aaaaand now I need to go back and check my last four days of work for the broken elements and stop any kind of work altogether until the fix is live.

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Hi @Andrey.M @Noah-R @dram @celeste,

We are deploying a fix for this now! :tada:

It may still take a bit for the deploy to finish, but it should be resolved within the next few hours.


Thank you! Fingers crossed!

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I am trying to make a div scrollable inside another div. Actually no problem. Recently this feature is buggy.

I set the overflwo auto and publisch - works fine.

Then I change just one setting (no matter what) of the concerned div, and the overflow setting changes back to visible…

Why is this? Anyone else has this problem?

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Yes, there is currently a bug in Webflow. Hopefully this gets fixed soon or most of WF users who have any kind of non-default overflow settings will have their designs broken without even knowing it.

@lissy_m this should be resolved for you now.

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