Webflow form to Print friendly page

Hello all,
I have been using Webflow for several years, but my long-time client who predates Webflow needs a new site and I want to do it in Webflow. Current website is Mean City Cycles Order Form. My client takes customers motorcycle seat and reshapes it for better comfort among other customizations.

The user comes to the site and fills out the form. (No payment info is collected, please click link above to see it is a very long form). The user enters name address phone and motorcycle year make and model. The user then selects the modification he/she wants as well as any modification for the passenger’s seat. The user can then select some custom options like seat studs, t-shirts, and soo products to clean their motorcycles. We do not collect payment information except if they are paying with cash credit or money order.

When the user submits the form they are sent a print-friendly page that they then print and send in with their seat to be modified.

Currently we are not collecting ANYTHING. The form is not being stored at all. If the user forgets to print and closes the window they can not call up and ask them to supply it.

I think it would be better to have the user fill out the form and a PDF is sent to them via email. OR open to suggestions.

I do not see how to take current functionality to Webflow as I need a page for it to submit to and the amount of javascript that is checking for formatting is crazy. I did not write that cause I do not write javascript. I can write a little Php. I CAN pay for anyone’s help.

I have not really done anything with the new version in Webflow yet so I the shaer link is pointless.

ANY SUGGESTIONS of any kind are appreciated.

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