How can I make CMS Collection items each have their own unique order forms?

Hello Folks,

I need some help with a workaround.

I have a CMS Collection of items (the items are “video animation templates”).

I need to build/design an order system so customers can order individual ‘video animation templates’. Currently, I am using the CMS Collection Page template to show individual details for each of the ‘video animation templates’ in the CMS collection.

I run into issues when I try implementing any sort of order form, since the CMS Collection Page template uses all the same non-CMS stuff on each CMS item’s page. I need specific forms for each ‘video animation template’ since each animation template has its own customizable options.

What’s the best way to achieve what I need?

I’m using Foxycart, JotForm, Uploadcare if that matters (but still developing/designing).


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This post seems close to what I’m wanting to achieve: