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Order Cutoff Times for Certain Products

Hey All,
My e-commerce site for a local coffee shop is live and am looking to add some functionality to a few products. This cafe has juice cleanses, that are made every Monday & Wednesday, to be picked up every Tuesday and Thursday. I would like to add a cutoff to these juice cleanses (products I have in my e-commerce), to make a better experience for the cafe & customer. Currently I have in the product description “Order must be placed 48 hours in advance of your selected pickup date”. With this method I am at the mercy of a customer reading this description and selecting the appropriate pickup date from the time of order. As you can imagine, if orders are made at 7am Monday, and an order is placed from 11pm-5am Sunday/Monday this poses problems in production of the product as well as UX to the customer. I think this could be automated to prevent this.

So in looking to automate this I understand I have 2 options:
•Custom Code

I currently use Zapier for some automation on other areas of my site, but cannot find any functionality to add order cutoff times.

I think I could probably write some JS to help with this, just not quite sure where it would be inserted, and how I would reference certain products (Still learning & new to JS).

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Cafe 1948)]

Here is my live site: **(

Hi @Ethan_Miles.
Josh with Foxy here. Ideally, you’d use javascript to handle the logic pre-purchase and possibly at checkout/cart as well (just in case an item sits in the cart past the cutoff time).

Foxy supports custom code, expiring products, and more, all in Webflow: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: