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Webflow ordering custom code time

hope you are doin well during this corona time…

So i got a problem that needs to be solved…

I built a website for my restaurant business, and it allows users to order their food and pay online.

So now the problem is, that i don´t want them to order something before 6pm . So if anyone comes to the website there should be a text saying “To order something, come back at 6pm” and if it is 6 pm this text element should be hidden, and users can order their food. I heard i could do this with moment.js, but i have no clue how. I built the website in webflow and now want to add some custom code to make this possible.

Thank you so much fo any help!


I had a go, but no joy. I think I’m on roughly the right track, someone better than me with code might be able to take a look at this and make the required edits (or give you a better solution!)

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Oh, and for transparency, here’s the discussion that I based the script on: