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Need help with custom Code


i need two things for my webflow website to make it perfect.

  1. Somethings that makes sure, no one orders something before 6pm, because my clients sells food. So custom code that either makes the webpage show text smth like „please come back at 6pm for orders“ or just disable the function of the order button so no one can order before this time.

  2. An extra system that allows pay on delivery because webflow doesn’t allow this. I tried many things, if possible i don’t want to use third party which costs me 20 dollars more a month…

THANK YOU SO MUCH for any help, and stay home, stay safe, and i wish you the best for you and your family!


#1 is doable with custom code. Question is what time zone should be respected? II like to use moment.js for the calculations and then just hide the elements or swap them based on business rules.

#2 is not going to happen with Webflow E-com so your only choice is …

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„is…?“ ? what do you mean by that

When Webflow can’t provide what you need you have to look towards a third-party integration for your business rule or scratch Webflow as a solution.