Let customer decide what time receive the order

Hi guys, I asked Webflow how to implement an ecommerce funcionality for a food delivery truck
that allows customer to pick a delivering time for their order and they told me webflow isn’t the best option to do so, but I think there’s a workaround for this particular functionality, what do you guys think? Thank you very much!

You can collect additional information in your order and it would not be difficult to add a date and time picker to that. However it would be severely limited-

  • the number of fields is limited
  • typically a “choose a delivery time” feature would be working against a central availability scheduler. None of that exists here.
  • there is no means to identify times as booked, so 50 customers could book 11am Thurs
  • you can hard-code working hours and weekends into your code, but there’s no simple way for you to declare a holiday, sick day, etc.

Thank you very much for your response!
Would these limitations be solved using something like shopify?

You’d need to research that, but Shopify has an extensive plug-in services marketplace, which very likely includes something in the realm of delivery scheduling.