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Ecommerce service hours/days


For a restaurant site offering home-delivery, I am looking for a way to achieve two things in the ecommerce:

  1. To specify general service days and enable the online orders only on these days.
    So far, I have achieved that using a JS/jQuery code hiding the “add to cart” and checkout buttons on the non-service days (Sundays). There doesn’t seem to be any native way for the client – or the designer – to manage that in the Webflow administration, am I correct?

  2. To let the client define other holidays and disable the ordering and checkout on these days.
    I am hoping for something like using a collection of holidays, but cannot think of a good way to handle that…

I’d be grateful for any advice here… :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this? Also Pataka do you have the code that you used for this? would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Joshua_Hunt,
Here is a public link to the site where I have used a workaround for specific days of the week.

If you look in the custom code section of the Home, Menu, Product and Category pages, you will find the scripts. On the Home page, it is used to display a specific message on non-service days (Sundays). On the other pages, the script is used to hide the ordering buttons on these days.

As for holidays that require specification by date rather than by a day of the week, I use a collection for specific announcements which can be displayed during specified period of time. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way to disable the checkout automatically on given days; so this still has to be done manually by the editor. Unfortunate, as it seems to be quite a common case for restaurants and similar services… :thinking:

If you find a better way, I will be happy to know! :slightly_smiling_face: