Option for custom code placement

I love the ability to now add custom code to each individual file. That is awesome! It would be great if you guys would put a checkbox or something that allows control over where the code should go. Specifically:

A. Put before tag.
B. Put immediately after tag.

That would be great for things such as Google Tag Manager and stuff.

Do you mean each individual page? If so, check this out:

I am aware of that. But that gives the option inside head or before the closing body tag. What if I want the tag right after the opening body tag? That is the option I would like.

You can also add blocks of custom code anywhere within the page body with the “Embed” element. I’ve done that a handful of times and it’s worked well. Just drag it into the document tree wherever you want the code to be, then put your code inside.

@drymetal more info here: http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-to-use-the-embed-widget-to-add-custom-code-to-a-webpage

@PixelGeek @Joe_Hohman I am aware of that option as well. Thanks for bringing it up though. The problem with that option is it wraps the custom code in a div tag. Google Tag Manager won’t read tags that are nested in divs. That is why I would like the option I mention. Right now, every time a customer wants to update a website (sometimes daily) I have to go through and delete all the divs or add the GTM code.