Google Tag Manager all pages

I just want to clarify, as I frankly can’t believe there is not a better way…do I have to put my google tag code one by one on every page, as per the university video?

I can see you in the project settings you can put the common code for the head in, but then I have to go on a per-page basis and add the footer code!? I appreciate I can save a symbol, but this seems like something everyone would be doing and if you have a site with more than a handful of pages it very quickly turns into a massive hassle. What if I miss a page, or add new pages I’ll have to remember to do it every time. Surely there’s a better way in 2023???

In addition to adding it within the head of a page, you can add site-wide body code within the project settings:

Do you mean in the footer? Tag manager code needs to go immediately after the opening tag, so unfortunately I don’t think your suggestion will help as that puts it "before the closing tag "

I would assume most people need this functionality so I am surprised it’s not just a field in the project settings. Webflow already have google analytics/maps/fb pixel, but these are not ideal for anyone who wants to comply with GDPR and is using something like Termly.

Don’t worry about that; @mikeyevin 's advice is the way to go. Put any head code in the site-wide </head> custom code area. Put any body code in the site-wide </body> custom code area, and you’re all good.

Test it out, you’ll see.

If you’re doing something particularly unusual, such as a per-page customization of the embed code, then yes you’ll need to take a per-page approach to page-specific pieces- but that’s a very uncommon approach.

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