I found 2 ways to put the Google Tag Manager code in my website. Whats the best one?

Hey guys,

I want to use GTM in my website, and I found the GTM tutorial in webflow university saying that I should embed a code on each page of my website. That does not seem very practical.

On the other hand, this video tutorial recommends putting the code in the footer so you don’t have to do it in each page.

What do you recommend? Or if you have a better way let me know.

Thanks in advance!


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Follow the recommendation of Google.

  • Place the <script> code snippet in the <head> of your web page’s HTML output, preferably as close to the opening <head> tag as possible, but below any dataLayer declarations.
  • Place the <noscript> code snippet immediately after the tag in your HTML output.

So you can add the script into the head area within the custom code settings in your project settings. The noscript code needs to be added to every page as a code embed. You could use a symbol for that.

Thanks @ Jeff S! That seems like the best way. I’ve seen you in a lot of posts helping people, also thanks for indirectly helping me with some doubts!