Option field not mapping with csv import

I’m having a really hard time creating a CMS collection option field that has all the options I require.

The situation:
I have a basic data set (300 rows/10 columns) in airtable that I want to map to webflow CMS. I want to regularly import/add to the CMS so the mapping is crucial. I have a few option fields with 50-75 options that need to map to the dataset so that every new row of data in airtable can be seamlessly added to webflow. Yet I either end up with a greyed out/unable to map option or an incomplete list of options that cannot be added to.

Attempted methods:

  1. Create the CMS collection from scratch and enter each option by hand. Yet, upon import, one of the option fields will map the other wont (greyedout).
  2. Import full data set with every single option included in the dataset in hopes webflow will populate the entire list of each option. Yet, upon import, Webflow creates an incomplete list of all the options that seem arbitrarily chosen.

Note: I’m also using jetboost for filtering by these options so they must all be contained within the option field and cannot be a separate reference field.

Thank you!

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I have bumped into that but nothing that I couldn’t find a solution for.
Can you send me the simplest CSV you can, with like 2 items, one with a toggle that works on import, one that doesn’t, so that I can check on my end?

@vincent I tested this. With only two entries on import the option field creates both options as it should. At greater numbers of options (50-90) it breaks down and only creates an arbitrary 10 of the options on import.

I figured it out. I had a typo in one my 90 options that I typed into the collection.

If your options (that you must type in by hand) do not exactly match the options in your csv then you will not be able to match that field at all. And if your csv has an option that is not included in your list of options in the option field then you will not be able to map it.

I think that if it were possible to copy and past the list of options one would like to have in the option field it could prevent this problem.

that is what I wanted to check :slight_smile: