Unable to upload csv file to CMS collections layout

Hello Guys,

I am following day 3 of this course from Web Flow university: 21 day design portfolio course | Webflow University

My issues is with the “import your CMS using a CSV file” section of that class.

The first issue is that when I upload the CSV file and the data from the csv file gets returned in the field configuration form, for some reason I’m unable to map the “Project type” column to an an existing field. The field that I am supposed to select from the drop down menu is always deactivated. As shown in the below photo:
Project Type

So I just choose the “Do not import” option instead of mapping it into an existing field.

The second issue is that when I map all the existing field that should be mapped (excluding the project type field), I’m unable to import the csv file. I keep clicking the button and nothing happens …

Any help would much appreciated it…


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Unfortunately, the CSV import doesn’t support importing Option fields like your Project Type field.

Try PowerImporter instead. You can import Option field values with it as long as the values in the CSV file match exactly the values you defined in the Option field.