Webflow Form Select Options from CSV file? (or some other workaround?)

Hi Webflow Commmunity :wave:

Has anyone either come across or successfully imported a long list of options for a Webflow form single-select drop down ?

Basically the only way to add options is one-by-one. The thought of doing this makes my eyes water. There has to be a better way… surely.

  • Bonus*
    Is there some sort of workaround to load CMS items straight into the dropdown single-select field?

Note : Yes, you could do this with an Airtable form in a heartbeat, but for this instance the preference is natively in Webflow because it’s part of a sign-up flow using Memberstack, Webflow and Zaps to Airtable.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, it can’t be done with the Webflow API, so you won’t find a third-party tool that will do this. Trust me, I tried to do it while building PowerImporter.com :cry: