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Importing CSV into Option Field?

Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to import CSV items into the option field in Webflow?

Everything else is working fine for import, except option field… currently it is a text field in Google sheets.

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, no, it’s no possible. Webflow recently added the ability to import ref/multi-ref fields, so maybe you could use that instead of option fields.

Or, you can give PowerImporter a try. I just released a Webflow CSV Import workflow that supports option fields. It’s in private beta right now, but mention this post when you signup and I’ll give you immediate access.

Hi, thanks for your reply, sorry my post wasn’t that clear… I meant import from a csv, with text (being imported) that matches one of the options, on an existing option field… it seems you can however sometimes it is exported to csv as an id instead of the text it should be… :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

It was clear, I understood what you meant.

Using PowerImporter, you can upload a CSV, for example, with a field called “priority” that contains text values like “High”, “Medium”, “Low”. Then, PowerImporter will lookup your “priority” option field in Webflow for values that match that text, and will set the IDs accordingly.

Screenshot from 2020-12-07 15-07-19

I’m having the same issue – that’s annoying that Webflow can’t do this now.

I would add it to the Wishlist, but what’s the point, I don’t think anybody takes it seriously.