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CSV collection uploaded but displays empty

Just want to update: I double check clicking through the preview before I [upload] and all the items display correctly in the preview.

This is my first foray into webflow. I am a novice in building websites.
I have followed all the steps for uploading a collection to the CMS. I created pre-existing field labels and mapped all the relevant columns from my csv file as per the instructions.
So far, so good. I allocated a particular field to the *Name label, assuming that would be the ID for each collection item.
On [upload] it shows the upload in progress, but once completed, there are no data in my collection! Instead of the attributed content for [name]it just says “Imported Item 71”, “Imported Item 70” in descending order.
Please see attached screenshot. None of the fields that were set up are displaying. What am I doing wrong? This is the second time it’s happened. I have also contacted support.

ps - I added my public link as the forum required it, but I haven’t built any pages, so doubt it will be relevant?

Here is my public share link:
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Are you mapping the fields in your CSV to the appropriate fields in Webflow? Each collection item in your project is empty (outside of the name and slug which are probably auto-generated), so I don’t think your actually telling Webflow where to put the data.

You need to tell it what column is used for Name, Introduction, Client, etc.—this tutorial may help out a bit, but feel free to reach out if you’re still having issues.

I am 100 % telling Weblow where to put the data. As I mentioned, I am checking the preview AFTER allocating the webflow fields to check the right info is allocated to the correct field. I clicked through multiple previews to check all the records were mapping correctly, which they were.