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Opinion on Logo Design

Working on a Logo for my personal work/ etsy shop. I love any feedback and critique. I am a student so I am still learning, but love any advice and want to learn!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Great start!

the soft blue and brown is a nice color combo. As for the overall design, I would play around with your type more. Maybe think about a serif + a sans-serif.

Also, less detailed logos work better than heavily detailed ones.

I’m not an expert in logo design, but I watch my wife make logos often. Here is their latest case study that may help you understand what it takes to make a great logo:


Thanks for the input! I took a look at her webpage and like her work!

I just switched up the font and wondering if this is an easier to read option.

Personally I would change the new font, it’s hard to read for me and the style of being so tall [the text] feels like your screaming at me.

I would also try to make the logo more flat style. Meaning 2D rather than 3D

But that’s just my opinion. :wink::+1:

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keep playing with it. you’re probably not going to find it on your first, second or third try. Logos take a LOT of time.

Also, if you really want to get deep into logo design, i would suggest looking for type inspiration:

It probably isn’t a great idea to get feedback on a logo design from people who have no idea what the logo is really FOR. You could design something that we all think is great, but that doesn’t really represent what it is you’re selling.

Do you have a link to your Etsy shop? Is the pearl-in-clam specifically related to what you make?

The Etsy shop is still in the works and isn’t live yet, but it is a mix of island inspired beach-y note cards, jewelry and hair accessories. kind of a mix of different things. So the clam shell is more alludes to the overall feel and name as well.

I would have to disagree with you here @Cricitem . A lot of trouble I’ve been having with my logo is that it is too specific. I think it is better to create a more general logo to allow for a more interest among people from all backgrounds than sonething too specific for a certain population. But that’s just my opinion. :blush:

Be sure to ask questions if you have any. :wink::+1:


from what i learned, you’re supposed to find out what your target audience is, then look at what your competitors are doing, then design in a way to speaks to your target and stands out from your competition.


One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given about logo design is to make sure you’ve only got one focus. Currently, the graphic and the font are competing for attention. I’d make a choice between the graphic and the typography, and focus on one or the other.

The two fonts you’ve chosen are both difficult to read, which is why I’m suggesting that you might want to make the logo typographical – you seem to be playing around with unusual fonts. If you like unusual fonts, then go for it. Otherwise, don’t even consider the text as part of the logo (at least initially). Just focus on the graphic. After the graphic is done, you can play around with simple fonts that will work in a variety of relationships with the graphic.

Scalability is really important. The fine lines and pointed tips of the clam shells are likely to cause problems if the logo is scaled too small.

And, to really confuse you (given that someone said to flatten the design), I’d suggest adding depth by making the inside of the shell a darker color. That would make the pearl stand out a little better. You might also make the pearl an ivory color - it almost looks like negative space right now. Actually, it might be kind of cool to intentionally make the pearl negative space…

Finally, be sure to try your logo in grayscale, in black and white, and both large and small. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Random example:



Haha, no contest… You are completely right. :wink::blush::+1:

Logo design is really hard and takes lots of time to get right.

I agree and disagree with many different points made already.

Question. Are you designing a logo for a set name or are you designing a name and the logo at the same time?

Some things to think about.

Test your logo in many different context. T-shirts, cups, letter head, envelopes, websites, phones ect.

Because of these different contexts you will want to keep your mark and your name separate. In other words the mark and the name can either be used together or separately.

For names and marks don’t think to literally. What does an apple have to do with computers, phones, and music? What does Adobe have to do with computer software? What does Mercedes have to do with Cars? What does an alligator have to do with clothes?
They don’t even have anything to do with their target markets.

They do all have something in common. They all touch on the story or culture of the people in the company.
Overtime the market that you attract projects meaning onto your logo based on the experience they have with you. This is not to say that you should ignore your potential market. Have them in mind but don’t design for them as a primary.

Keep it simple and consistent. If you have a strong graphical element, have the text compliment but, not compete with the graphic. Generally this will mean a simple face.

If you don’t have a strong graphic then a name set in a well chosen type face maybe all you need.

Don’t forget about your negative space. Can you use negative space to create meaning in a simpler way? Or is the negative space creating visual confusion?

Specific to your logo. Peculiar Treasures is a more interesting name to me then is Peculiar Treasure Designs. The term design makes it sound more like a design agency.

Peculiar means strange, odd or unusual. The pearl is a common symbol for treasure. I think there is some clash there.
This is especially true when using the mark on it’s own.

Lots of things to think about with logos. :slight_smile:


HI Mackenzetezak you logo looks very nice. I really admire your creativity and time spend on designing this cool work :+1:

I have some professional suggestions for you which will greatly improve your designs a matter of first importance, change the font of the text “Peculiar Treasure designs". The font here appears too slim. I recommend you to use much bolder text and a non italic font. That will capture much more attention from the public. As you know our eyes are not much attentive towards slanted fonts. Using a multi colored shades will improve the appearance of our logo. Second one is about 3D effect; I recommend for enabling some more 3D effects for the shell in the logo and pearl inside it. That will give a live look for the logo. Adding fair 3D effects on the logo is one of the trending styles.Refer this 3D effect on this logo.

Logos like this will get much more public attention.Hope this will help you. Please ping me if you need further help. :relaxed:

Somebody removed my post:frowning: :expressionless:

Thanks everyone! Appreciate the advice!

Try to learn about logo design on skillshare and make some research, find inspiration, make a mood board.
Ask your self if the logo reflects your brand and if you want a script font look around and see how others are using it on logo design.

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