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Logo Opinion - Rebranding my business

Hey all, I am new here and thought I would start by saying hello and getting some feedback on my new brand design logo for my company Digibox Creative. Always best I find to get some unbiased eyes on my work for critiques.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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Niiiiice! I love it… what else can you do? It’s super tight.

May just be me, but the graphical D is a bit hard to “read” as a D to me. For a sec I thought your company name might be Igibox.

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Like it - would adding another one of the ‘i’ dot/triangles inside the D help make it more D ?

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Yep me too… enclose that “D” and see how that looks. I’m sure you’ve done a bunch of variations, but I’m with @StuM on this one. I think closing it would look better.

Thanks everyone… your feedback about the D was one of my main concerns. How about this revision? Better or no?

the 2nd D is better than the first…
but how about - instead of a triangle inside the D
… a contrasting colored circle

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I like that much better. How about rounding out the squarish looking D.
… so it’s less of an arrow… and more like a large D.

ie: make the D more “wrap” around the “dot”. More like a “real D”.

Basically emphasizing the “D” in Digital… or your case - Digi

perhaps I should have purchased the stylus with this new pixelbook…

drawing with my finger didn’t come out to good :frowning:

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Thanks for the feedback.

The main reason I went with the > was because I wanted to make use of “greater than” throughout my marketing for my business.

Not sure if it is going to pan out that way though. Not been very good feedback on the logo overall and changing it much more will negate the whole purpose.

I do appreciate everyone’s help though for sure. Great community here.

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Form me the logo comes across a bit noisy. The large > has 3 to 4 shapes and 3 colours. The g stands out as being differently curvy compared to the other angular shapes.

I like. I also like some of the suggestions above.
Try making Creative uppercase and smaller, maybe a bit tracked out, too. It feels a bit too clustered to my eye.
Keep goin’!

@digiduke - evolved/tweaked taking in a number of ideas above:

This D keeps a unique shape that could be re-used (with or without the triangle) in your marketing, as well as forming the letter. It’s smaller, so to my eye has a balance between letter and shape, rather than large shape.

As @Lux mentioned ‘Creative’ in uppercase. I’ve also made it smaller so that Digibox is what ‘grabs’ you with ‘creative’ adding the subtle context.

As @alex said the ‘g’ does look different, but i’m 50/50 on that. I would also make the bottom of the D, the g, and ‘creative’ line-up for the final logo. (I just tweaked the below with the editing tools in mac preview!)

digibox tweak

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