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Trying to create a logo for my company (reviews needed)


I am making a logo for my company.
The company is selling used motorcycles so I wanna reflect that with a small design without beeing too “in your face” with the drawing of a motorcycle…

On that google drive link you can see what I came up with.

I’m looking for advices on the logo itself, is it okay, great or bad (I can hear it) ! The colour choice is up to me as the company is old but never really had a colour identity…

Thanks a lot for reviewing !


Hi. It’s very crowded, there’s a lack of whitespace maybe. And the logo could benefit of a more distinctive typeface. Uncrowding this logo could mean removing one level of nesting for the wheel, give space to the actual JB logo, extracting the text from the badge and giving it more readability by playing on space, weight variation, and using caps for the brand. Something like:

Now, the tire looks more like a gear than a motocross tire. Maybe you can do some research and try to mimick the pattern of a motocross tire better. Also, one possible idea if you want to play with the tire idea a bit more, is that tires are rarely shown this way, they are usually shown t an angle. This could also be the shape of your logo.

Image result for motorcycle cross tire

You had it right in your first version with multiple layers of relief for the tire. Makes it more tire and less gear. Applying to the proposition, gives somethign like:


Here’s your file:


Hey !

Thank you for answering so fast with great ideas, You gave me a lot to chew on !

I agree with the fact that the inside of the logo is too crowded, you are totally right. Now I need to work on the shape of the (tire/gear) because, the way you display it now looks like a motorcross tyre (which are the only bikes we don’t sell)
My idea was to go for a gear because every bike has that and I don’t see it often in logos… (well…)

I got to work on this now, so thanks a lot for the ideas :smiley:

Oh I see… sending you something in a PM.

Hi @sarouille01 !

Nice work! Like @vincent, I think you need more simplicity. A logo is never about “what can I add” but always about “what can I remove”. I think the JB is awesome and can be a really strong logo by itself. Here’s some exemples:

*Please don’t take my color choice for advice

Also, you can create more contrast by making the “espace motoccasions” light instead of bold like Vincent did.

Hope that helps!

I am starting to love that comunity ! All of these are great thank you so much.

It is true that simpler is better I can see that with all your propositions


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I agree with some of the comments, less is more.

Most important thing to do is look at your logo when it’s at it’s smallest, think website header, if it’s too intricate, people won’t know what it is. It needs to be a quick scan’able quick glance logo mark.

Don’t try to add more than 3 different items that someone needs to digest into a logo.

Here’s some vector art that you could explore >

Good luck

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Wow, really good logos! I wouldn’t be able to help much with logo design. But just want to say how cool the community is to be able to help out like this. (Newbie to the forums here :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Alrighty ! That might be the last winner here!

This result is a mix of all the things you guys told me earlier, thanks you so much again, you guys are all so helpfull !!

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