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[Critique] Logo Redesign

hello we are reformulating our brand and we will do this in the coming days.
we are a small digital agency that has stood out in the Brazilian market.

Our proposal is very similar to the Community agencies here, but we are innovating in some questions here in Brazil, the use of webflow is one of them, we are achieving great results with webflow.

Now I would like to ask you a board who feel our new logo and colors which we indicate.


actually LOGO

We use the cross, by having a modern and fine appearance.
We are very happy with the feedback from you :slight_smile:

Good work! My advice is to give more white space between the elements. Looks a bit cramped up at the moment. Otherwise, good work!

Looking good!

Perhaps make the center “X” a little smaller so it does not go all the way to the circle. Then, move the 33, A, D, and M out a little bit and make them more bold. Maybe something like this, but with your words around the outside:

Then consider a different font for the letters in the center - the font you chose is clean, but does not have a unique character. Maybe there’s a font that can represent your company personality.

Hope that is helpful!

Thanks @StevenP and @billwesterman

Look my change is better?

Looking better! Maybe make the 33, A, M, D a bit closer to the middle and bold?


@StevenP @billwesterman @cyberdave

I make change Its cool?

I’m sure @billwesterman ment like this:

Or to give it a bit more unique style, change the upper and lower font:

Check it, with some adjustments:

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Thank you for your attention and for the help
I also quite liked this last change, can you tell me what sources did you use?


I create a new and final, I glad you help me
look this

AMD in south amercia and DMA in other continent, i think in africa or europe.
what you think?

@Diu @billwesterman @StevenP

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Yup, that’s what you can do.

Next step could be to think of a logo that’s more unique. And more clean. It takes time and effort to read the words.
Plus everybody in Europe reads English (so put that one on top) and in Africa French is used a lot, so change the Spanish one.

Maybe you can think of something similar and less distracting.

I was thinking in a direction where the cross and the text are separated. Because now it feels a little hard to read. If the tag line is separated the logo can be used as it is and the tag line can be used correctly in right language when needed. Just a thought :smiley: