Open Graph Settings

Hello @cyberdave Sir,

I am having a hard time trying to update my OG settings. I have cleared my cache, unpublished my site and republished, checked, and done everything again from scratch (OG Title, OG Description and OG Image URL) still nothing… Could it be the cache? Is it that I am not properly clearing the Twitter & Facebook Cache?

Please help :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Here is my site Read-Only: [Sa Majesté Magazine]

Each social network provider may cache your project’s OG page settings for performance reasons. Once cached, values will remain for a period of time dictated by the provider. Most providers have an OG debug tool that allows developers to inspect and clear cached data. So, you would need to visit each and go through the process. It is not your local cache in play here.

Also, social media providers can be picky with the aspect ratio, minimum size, and file format.
I need to update my notes here, but in additon to what you find here, Twitter requires a 2:1 ratio at a certain minimum size, I think 1200x600.

Now I usually prepare all og:images at 1600:800 minimum, always 2:1 either JPEG or PNG. That seems to be well accepted by FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.