Problem with the OPEN GRAPH

Hi guys,

I have a problem. When I publish on social networks the link of the web page appears with an old “Open Graph” and the new one does not appear.

Attached the images of the current and the old

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I’ve noticed they can take a couple of days to be indexed. Is this a recent publish?

Opengraph images are usually heavily cached by social networks. Like @Port_of_Folio said it can take a couple days for them to update. Facebook has a dev tool that lets you cue it for rechecking/updates.

Twitter used to have one but it seems like have shut down the card preview outside of just the one you see when writing a tweet.

Hope that helps.

^ Austin nailed it. Vincent once told me that FB’s open graph is used by a lot of other networks as well, so refreshing the cache there will help beyond FB.

Some services like LinkedIn and even Telegram have their own you need to refresh.

I keep a few links to those tools here, but as Austin also notes, Twitter’s has been shut down.

Hello @Port_of_Folio . I made this post last Friday.

Hello @austin The problem is that currently the current Open Graph is not displayed on any of the networks (whatsapp, facebook, linkedin). I already cleared all the cache and cookies on the computer.

@sebarothmannb - The cache Austin was referring to is that of the respective social service. They cache for performance reasons. Each has its own way of letting you see what they have cached and potentially forcing a refresh if your graph changed.

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