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Open Graph issues when posting to facebook

Hi there,

For some reason, when posting a url link to social media, the data is not showing correctly.

See here a screenshot of the social media post;

And here is what it should look like;

Any help would be much appreciated…

Why should it be square? Open Graph recommends an horizontal format. In some cases on some networks and certain conditions, posts are showing a square image, but a single shared post on Facebook isn’t going to show a square image. You should stick with the recos and produce a 1200 x 630 pixels open graph image, which has exactly the ratio of the image in your first example.

On Webflow in page settings you have a reminder of those requirements for image dimensions.

Hi @vincent ignore the dimensions of the picture as facebook resizes this anyway. More importantly it’s the text below that is not showing what I want it to show…

Okay, so maybe you’re facing an OG cache issue. When FB first parse og data, well it keeps it for a long time. So, you can use their debugger to clear the cache and force new data.

Go here and paste the url of the page you want to share: then click debug, and try to share again.

Add this link to your essential bookmarks :slight_smile:

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Ah ok cool, this is abit new to me.

I’m now seeing the following message (note the text is not updated)

Click the Scrape Again button.

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Can you share your site’s read-only link please?

Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate your time