Problem With Open Graph Settings

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Open Graph Settings,

All the changes I do here doesn’t effect custom domain
I changed title, description and picture but change is visible only on domain

Here’s the photo’s where you can see thator

You can test it yourself on facebook
-Works fine - Almabase | Careers

This is a preview link, check Careers page (Last one)
-Webflow - Almabase

Is this bug or I do something wrong

Were both published to at the same time?

If yes, I have seen forum posts where sync issues between published locations were being discussed. Suggestions were put forward to unpublish then republish the site. However doing so could create a slight interruption of traffic to your production site.

We can’t see publishing information or any site settings in a share link, so you might need to raise a support ticket with webflow.

I tried to unpublish and republish again, but no success.
I will contact webflow support

Thank you!

A review of the source code shows that both sites are in sync.

You may be dealing with FB cache issues. Here is a post that discussed it an showed how to test and resolve it.

Use the Facebook Sharing debugger

It works! Thank you so much!