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Open graph images does not display as configured


First time using the forum, so forgive me for any mistake and unsearched topics.
Well, tryed get helping from other topics but couldn’t figure out what is going on in my website.

Here is the thing:
I setted up the whole open graph stuff

But when I go for sharing the link, the image I choose just doesn’t appear. Instead, it displays images contained in the website.

What I’m doing wrong?


Typical things to do in that case:

  • if you just set that og details, switch to work on something else and test again tomorrow with empty caches
  • host the image somewhere else
  • in the process, remodel your image as a 1200x1200px graphic minimum, keep square layout if possible

Facebook recommends 1200x630 images but other sites such as reddit, imgur, use 70x70 or square thumbs, so you’d better make it square and let facebook crop the top and bottom part. Place guides relatively to a 1200x630 rectangle in the middle of a square so you place your important texts and infos in between those guides.

That’s not really addressing your issue directly, rather addressing possible caches and delay issues and giving your OG image the best possible characteristics in the process.

Use to clear Facebook cache of your page and see what is going wrong.

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Hey guys!

It worked! I’m using the fb debbuger tool for every single page in order to fetch new scrape.

Thanks a lot!