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Open image graph issue [Resolved]

Hey there.
When I use the embed share facebook like in my website in order to share it, here is the picture I get :

I don’t want this picture for the share link, so I changed the url of the open image graph in both the site setting and the page settings (one page website), this new image looks like this :

But when I use the share link again, it’s still the same picture as the begginning…
Anybody knows how to do here?

Thank you very much for your help.

This could be two things.

Did you re-publish your site after making the changes?

If you did then it will take some time for Facebook to catch up.

You can run you URL through Facebook debugger to see what Facebook sees.


Thank you a lot Alex, this works well with the Sharing Debugger idd :slightly_smiling:

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