Import: Too many product variants error but I only have 24 varients per product

I’m trying to upload a spreadsheet of products and their variants and keep getting the error that there are too many variants for a single product. I have 24 variants (which it recognizes when uploading) and the documentation mentions 50 variants per product. What’s the deal here?

Additional info: I have 2 variant options only and the error reads:

Line 2-24 skipped because there were too many variant options for a single product

Found the issue. I have 11 sizes and 5 print mediums but not all sizes are offered in every medium. That comes up to 55 total possible combinations (mathematically) but the store only offers 24 of the possible 55 variants.

Is there no workaround for this? Seems like a flawed system to just derive all possible variants for the limit and not the variants available for sale.

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Unfortunately, I have to use SquareSpace for this client due to the current limits of the platform. The client has 64 photographs for sale in 11 sizes and 5 print mediums, which should add up to 1’536 items (because only 24 variants are available for sale - i.e. some sizes are only offered in one or two mediums) but adds up to 3’520 items, which is even above the +2K USD per year plan’s limit.

In SquareSpace, we get unlimited products with 100 variants each (no item limit) for 312 USD per year.

A little disappointed - but it is what it is. I wish Webflow had some parity with competitors in this regard.

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Hi @ktoo.
Josh from Foxy here. You may have already started moving to Squarespace, but with our seamless integration with Webflow CMS (more info here:, you can have unlimited variants per product and each product (including variants) only counts as one CMS item.

We offer an unlimited free trial and free white-glove onboarding for Webflow users. Please feel free to send us your Webflow Read-only Link and details on any other needs and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction: