Importing Blogs to a Collection

Hi everyone, I have over 200+ blogs on our current site that I need to import into our new site hosted on Webflow but I’m reading that collections have a limit of 100 items. Does this mean that I would need to create multiple collections for our blogs so there would be 2 collections with 100 items each and a 3rd collection with about 40 blogs? And I would have to keep creating new collections as we fill the items to reach 100? Would like to know the best practice here! Thanks.

Hello @lilslickcase,there’s a max limit of 100 items per Collection list per page unless pagination is enabled, but the actual limit for how many collection items you can have on a cms plan is 2k. You can bring your 200+ blog posts into Webflow, but you will have to use pagination if you want to display them all once in a page. I hope this helps.

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